Lunar-Reef Body Base

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Lunar-Reef Body base

Body base for VRChat! Base is subdiv modeled, rigged and textured by me from scratch, work in progress pictures can be found on my discord.

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Flat and High heel feet versions

Detailed hands and feet with fully modeled nails and toenails

Twist and Volume bones for better deformations

Jiggle bones for boobs, belly and butt

Set of underwear shown in previews

Easy twist/volume bone setup!

Huge thanks to Cam#1959 who made a unity script that automatically sets up all the twist and volume bones! Video showing the setup on the last slide.


Always credit(Link to store or Ragga#3124)

Don't claim as your own

Don't resell or redistribute original or edited asset

Pick the license that fits your needs on the right, if unsure contact me on discord!


If you create assets or textures for the base(and don't use it for avatars for sale), you can get the personal license! Also join the discord to promote your stuff in the #base-assets and #base-textures

What you get

Two blend files(Flat foot and High heel)

Base textures including 8 skin tones, normal map, roughness map, AO map and thickness map.

Underwear textures including black base color, metallic map, AO map, normal map, opacity map and roughness map.

Substance work file for skin textures with baked maps.

Unity twist and volume bone setup tool

Hands have fully modeled fingernails

Feet also are fully modeled with toes and toenails

High heel and Flat foot

Chest is modeled to use gravity on physbones, makes them fall more naturally and the choice to have more or less weight.

Base comes with two UV layouts, Square mirrored and the more common Unwrap. Square mirrored helps cut down on texture size for better performance, but makes it impossible to have unsymmetrical textures. All premade textures and substance file is made for this version!

UVMap[Square mirrored]


Any issues? Join for help!

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Last updated May 25, 2023

Mesh stats

Faces 18 812/Triangles 37 582/Verts 18 808
81 (including 14 constraint bones)
8 skin tones, Baked maps and Substance file
2 UV maps
Limited to 4 vertex groups per vertex
Jiggle bones
Setup for boobs, belly and butt
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Lunar-Reef Body Base

136 ratings
I want this!