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Lunar Reef
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In a VRChat community first, veteran creators Sleepy, Zinpia, Cupkake, Nessy! and Lunar Reef have come together with ~Sam x Camille to create a collaborative Y2K experience! This collab launces a new avatar from each creator and a new public world "Y2K Dreamhouse" by ~Sam x Camille.

Jay by Nessy! (Avatar PC/Quest)
Britney by Lunar Reef (Avatar PC/Quest)
Malibu by Sleepy (Avatar PC/Quest)
Chloe by ~Sam x Camille (Avatar PC/Quest)
Katie by ZinPia (Avatar PC/Quest)
Kacy by Cupkake (Avatar PC/Quest)
"Y2K Dreamhouse" by ~Sam x Camille + ZinPia (PC/Quest world, not for sale)

So excited to announce my first Avatar! I have been wanting to make an avatar for forever, but never had the courage to do it. When I got invited to this collab I knew it would be a great opportunity and the push needed to make an avatar.
I have tried my hardest making a customizable high quality avatar, and almost everything is made from scratch!


Three outfits, daywear, swim and lounge. All pieces individually toggleable.
-Tracksuit and bikini has shade and hue sliders.
-Top has shade slider from white to black.
Skin tone, eye saturation, eye hue, hair shade and hair hue sliders.
Accessories with metal shade and hue sliders. All individually toggleable.
Two pairs of shoes, with a barefoot toggle.
-Shoes have shade slider from white to black.


Avatar Stats PC

Quest Version

This avatar does have a quest version converted by DeadKittyVR.
Toggles: All clothing and accessories, 3 skin tones and hair from light to dark.
Since the original avatar heavily relies on transparent materials, the quest version doesn't look as good. Below is a picture of quest version.


Creator Companion(Made with VRChat SDK 3.2.1)
Poi_Toon_7.3.50_To_8.1.166 from Poiyomi Discord

Quest Conversion by DeadKittyVR

Head by Zinpia, Heavy Edit

Head and eyes Texture by Sivka

Hair Texture by CicieaaaVR

Crystal Matcap by Sivka

Body Texture Zinpia(No link yet!)

Eyebrow Texture by Zahara Salimi

Gogo Loco by Franada

Heart Particles by Bunky

Ring pop Unity logic by Krisandra

Model for video showcase ChildOfTheBeast

Body, top and everything else made by me!

Did I miss you? Message me on Discord!


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Last updated Jul 23, 2023

Unity Package for Unity Version 2019.4.31f1 (PC and QUEST version)


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Britney Y2K VRChat Collab Avatar

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